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World According To Spider-Man de WALLACE, DANIEL

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Reseña del libro

serves as a great, nearly all-encompassing guide to the character for young fans. It is light enough for younger reading levels while still being dense enough to turn a novice Spidey-fan into an intermediate level expert…a fantastic resource for anyone of any age who s enjoyed the character in broader mediums and wants to know more. It s an excellent bridge to connect that love for the character that started in films and animation over to the source material. «Modern Myth Media» a magnificent book that combines great writing, artwork and humor alongside a great presentation to really bring the Spider-Man character to life. It was really neat to see the world through the eyes of a superhero and the pop-up inserts really added that extra touch to bring the entire experience together. «BioGamer Girl» This book is genuinely chuckle-out-loud funny at times. The style is zany and irreverent, and the gags consistently hit the markThe all-new artwork is top-notch and supports the jokes with a deceptive easeThe ‘extras’ are great fun too. They further enhance the impression of quality and attention to detail that pervades this book. «Spiderfan.org» «Longtime comic book fans will recognize some of the references, while newbie readers will laugh at the craziness of it allI highly recommend this book for any fan of the webcrawler, ages 6 and up. «GeekMom» you can get a crash course in the history of the webslinger, as well as a few insider hints on how you can become a spandex wearing crime fighter. «Film Reel» We love the books our friends over at Insight Editions crank out and we have a new one to share with you from their Legends line and just in time for the return of a particular friendly neighborhood web head who will be swinging into theaters this coming weekend. Head inside to get your first look at «The World According to Spider-Man» that is set to hit bookshelves everywhere in May. «Alien Bee» Insight Editions release of «The World According to Spider-Man» is a great spin on that theme. This isn t a dry book with facts on Spider-Man s history. This take has the author writing as Spider-Man revealing the ins and outs as well as the highs and lows of being Spider-ManSpider-Man has that element of humor to him that makes him ideal for a book such as this. «Mania» …a book that is witty, fresh and does justice to Spider-ManThis book is a winner. «Otakus & Geeks» These hardcover books are like pop culture autobiographical scrapbooks for a particular Super Hero or…Super Villain.»»Examiner»»
Reseña del editor
It’s not easy being a Super Hero when you’ve got a steady job to hold down and girlfriend problems to deal with. Somehow, Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) manages to do it while regularly saving New York City from a rogues’ gallery of super villains. In The World According to Spider-Man, the wisecracking hero spills the beans on how he balances his two lives and manages to keep his trademark sense of humor, even while he’s tangling with Doc Ock or the Green Goblin. The book comes with a wealth of incredible removable items, including clippings from the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker’s report card, J. Jonah Jameson’s business card, Spider-Man’s driver’s license, an exclusive Spider-Man poster, and much, much more.
Tapa dura: 64 páginas
Editor: Pocket Books (1 de noviembre de 2016)
Colección: Insight Legends
Idioma: Inglés<br />Sub-Categoría: Historia Y Técnica Cómic
Categoría: Comics y Manga
Formato: Tapa Dura
Idioma: Español
Páginas: 64


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  • Título: World According To Spider-Man
  • Editorial: Imp. Simon Insight Editions Llc
  • SKU: 2677590
  • ISBN: 9781608873944
  • Categoría: Comics y Manga
  • Sub-categoría: Historia Y Técnica Cómic
  • Formato del libro: Tapa Dura
  • Idioma: Español
  • Número de páginas: 64

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