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Yoda, the ultimate Sensei, will bring wisdom to your life. A statue in a box ala The Laughing Buddha Box, and complete with a booklet of inspirational quotes, a customizable backdrop, and stickers with select quotes, this will appeal to a wide range of Star Wars fans. SALES HANDLE: A handpainted yoda staue with customizable display stand, and booklet of inspirational quotes,perfect for the office, mantle, bedside table, or anywhere else the Force might come in handy. WHAT MAKES THIS PROJECT DISTINCTIVE: This one of a kind, hand-painted figurine captures the essence of Yoda’s wisdom and appeal. Our statue-in-a-box format lends itself perfectly to the small sensei. Also includes a booklet with introduction by Star Wars expert Frank Parisi, full of Yoda’s most inspirational quotes and musings. Box includes customizable backdrop that allows Yoda fans to place the sensei in an ideal environment for transmitting wisdom, and two sheets of stickers with selected quotes. DEFINE CUSTOMER/SPEAK TO THE EXISTING TREND: This statue and accompanying book will capitalize on the popularity of Yoda’s many sayings and his unique brand of wisdom. Yoda spans the various Star Wars generations, from the original trilogy to the Clone Wars series, and appeals to fans hardcore and fair weather alike. An enduring and popular character with some of the most memorable quotes from a series of widely quoted films, Yoda is the perfect totem for guidance in every path of life. NOTABLE AUTHORS/CONTRIBUTORS: Frank Parisi (author of the introduction) is an editor at Lucasfilm and Star Wars expert (both original films and new series). He is the author of The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the upcoming The Art of TOR. SALES NOTES: Our inspirational figures-in-a-box do well on the whole, and this particular character plays directly to the profitable Star Wars/ComicCon consumer.
Biografía del autor
Yoda is a 900 year-old Jedi master who resides in the Dagobah system. When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not. Frank Parisi is an editor at Lucasfilm. He is the author of The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the upcoming The Art of TOR.
Varios suministros: 48 páginas
Editor: Chronicle; Edición: 01 (15 de septiembre de 2015)
Idioma: Inglés
ISBN-10: 0811874702
ISBN-13: 978-0811874700<br />Sub-Categoría: Hobbies
Categoría: Juegos, Ocio Y Actividades
Idioma: Español
Páginas: 48


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  • Categoría: Juegos, Ocio Y Actividades
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